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Bargraph Colour

** Attenuators generally ship within 10-14 days after orders are received **

The Attenuator comes complete with the electronics kit and everything you need to connect to your GPStar Proton Pack.

The parts come unfinished but ready to paint. 

2 variants of the shell are available. Sandblasted Aluminium AlSi10Mg body with aluminium knobs or Black tough ABS.

** Stickers and painting not included **

More information on the Pack Attenuator such as assembling and features can be found at:

Operational Guide:

Attenuator-Operational-Guide-V2.pdf (pdf)

Electronics Assembly Guide:

Attenuator-Electronics-Assembly.pdf (pdf)

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    The Pack Attenuator

    "If Egon had kept on using and modifying his pack, what might it look like?"

    Full of features and easy to assemble and install.

    Compatible with your GPStar Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand.


    • Attenuate the cycloton in your GPStar Proton Pack to prevent overheating.
    • Turn your Pack on or off.
    • Adjust the volume of your Proton Pack on the fly.
    • Music playback control.
    • Real time visual queues, vibration and sound feedback of the status of your Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand.
    • Adjust your GPStar Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand settings quickly and easily.

    Wireless Connectivity

    • Full interactivity and control of your GPStar Proton Pack with your mobile device.
    • See real time status updates of your Proton Pack.
    • Future Firmware updates over WiFi.

    • Shell Kits

      • Attenuator Body
      • Radioactive light cover
      • Top Dial
      • Dome Flange
      • Lighting diffusers and LED mounts
      • 14x M3x4 screws (black)
      • 4x M4x6 brass screws and 4x M4 nuts
      • 4x M4x8 screws (black)
    • Electronic Kits

      • Attenuator PCB board with a soldered ESP32, speaker and vibration motor
      • Pre-wired pixel LED strip with 3x LEDs
      • 2 pre-wired JST-PH flat toggle switches
      • 28 Segment bargraph with circuit
      • Set of two 30cm JST-XH cables wired to a 4 pin aviation socket connector to connect to your GPStar Proton Pack
      • 5x Dupont cables to connect the rotary encoder to the Attenuator PCB
      • Rotary encoder PCB board
      • Clear dome lens
      • Clip-in top lens
      • Attenuator Operational Manual
      • Fully assembled Attenuator to Proton Pack cable: 4 Pin aviation connector, PG7 rubber strain relief connector, PET wire loom in black.

      ** Electronic kits come fully assembled, no soldering required **

    • Attenuator PCB

      Easy to install with screw down terminal blocks to connect the cabling. Vibration motor and speaker built in.

    • Attenuator to Proton Pack Cable

      Hand assembled and tested. No soldering required.

    • Dial Encoder, Lighting and Switches

      Pre-wired toggle switches, rotary dial encoder and LED lighting.

    • 28 Segment Bargraph and Lenses

      Bargraph, dome and cliplite lens.

    Do You Believe In Magic?

    Assembly Instructions

    Demonstration and Walkthrough Video