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GPStar Technologies

GPStar Amplifier

GPStar Amplifier

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The GPStar Amplifier is a powerful 15w+15w at 8Ω 12V Stereo Amplifier. With a built-in ground loop isolator, the audio playback will be crisp and clean with no interference.

Powered by 12V, the amplifier also doubles as a power hub which has five 5V outputs providing 3 amps shared among them to provide power to additional accessories.

There are also three 12v connections (two dc barrel jacks and one terminal block) which can act as input or outputs.

The onboard indicated 6 pin JST-XH connector, can accept a dual ganged potentiometer for volume adjustment (not included).

  • Powerful 15w+15w at 8Ω 12V Stereo Amplifier.
  • Five 5V outputs providing a shared 3 amps with JST-XH connectors.
  • Three 12V connections (input or output) (1 terminal block, 2 DC barrel jacks).
  • Stereo auxiliary input jack.

The Importance of Ground Loop Isolators in Audio Systems: Read More

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