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GPStar Audio

GPStar Audio

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GPStar Audio is a polyphonic audio player capable of playing up to 14 stereo WAV files at the same time. Layering, mixing, cross fading with independent track control of volume, pause, resume.

It's onboard stereo amplifier is capable of driving 2 speakers (2.5W @ 4Ω or 1.25W @ 8Ω per channel) from the onboard amplifier and also has a stereo out auxiliary jack.

  • Polyphonic playback of up to 14 stereo audio tracks at the same time.
  • Powered by 5V and supports Micro SD Cards of all capacities.
  • Supports up to 4096 uncompressed 16-bit stereo WAV files up to 44.1kHz
  • Onboard stereo amplifier, supporting 2 speakers:
  • 2.5W @ 4Ω or 1.25W @ 8Ω per channel.
  • Auxiliary stereo output jack with auto detection.
  • Realtime cross fading in or out of each track independently.
  • Pause and resume individual audio tracks.
  • Independent track volume and control + overall master volume control.
  • Standard serial communication protocol which can be controlled by a Arduino or any other micro-controller. (see the github library link below)
  • Programmable firmware updates with a FTDI Basic 5V cable or similar device.

Advantages of Polyphonic Audio Players: Read More

2 variants available.

  • Board only.
  • Board + connectors pre-soldered onto the board. The connectors consist of a JST-XH 6pin and 2 speaker terminal blocks.

Cables not included.

If you need connection cables, see the following:

Using GPStar Audio for your own projects? 
Visit the GPStar Audio Serial Library GitHub page to see example usages to use in Arduino and other microcontroller projects:

Board Dimensions:

Support and Updates:

GPStar Audio (V1.0.2)  Download

Software updater
Mac Version 1.0 Download

Technical schematics, connection diagrams and usage:

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