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Hatlight Kit

Hatlight Kit

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This kit is compatible with the GPStar Neutrona Wand ONLY. Also compatible with the Hasbro Neutrona Wand when using the GPStar kit.

There are 4 versions of the kit:

1) Pre-wired LEDs/Push Button Only Kit (you supply your own hatlights).

**The following 3 kits all include:
  • Orange Hatlight for barrel wing.
  • Pre-wired LEDs/push button (black).
  • Opaque-white hatlight for bottom left of body.
  • 1.25" marine-grade heatshrink tubing.
  • Spacer.

2) Afterlife/Super Hero: Top body orange hatlight that inserts from inside.
3) Stantz/Venkman: Top body opaque-white hatlight that inserts from inside.
4) Spengler: Top body opaque-white hatlight that sits on top of the body, insert connector.

Installation Video Guide:
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