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Neutrona Wand Kit

Neutrona Wand Kit

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Do you have multiple Neutrona Wands and want to hot swap them with your GPStar Proton Pack? Then this is the kit for you.

A complete Neutrona Wand replacement kit for your Hasbro Neutrona Wand.

Compatible with all Hasbro Neutrona Wands (1984 and Spengler)

What's Included:

1x GPStar Neutrona Wand Board
1x GPStar Audio Board (JST-XH 6-pin and Speaker connector pre-soldered)
1x Wand Cage
3x Wand Handle Connectors (Right/Bottom/Blank variations)
1x Neutrik NL4MP-ST (modded)
1x M3x5 screw
1x WIRE #3 2pin Wand board to wand socket VCC/GND
1x WIRE #4 2pin Wand board to wand socket TX/RX
1x WIRE #22: 6pin JST-PH to JST-XH (GPStar Audio <-> Neutrona Wand)


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