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Spirit / DIY Proton Pack & Neutrona Wand Basic Kit

Spirit / DIY Proton Pack & Neutrona Wand Basic Kit

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** Full Size Spirit compatible. **
** Requires the use of a Hasbro Spengler or 1984 Neutrona Wand **

The GPStar Spirit / DIY Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand kit. This kit is for use with any Proton Pack shell while using the Hasbro Spengler or 1984 Neutrona Wand.

  • Essential Kit
  • Speaker Wiring Kit
  • 15 LEDs Powercell
  • Cyclotron 9-LEDs Kit
  • GPStar Cyclotron Bypass + Wiring
  • 3D printed mounts for the Cyclotron and Power Cell lights (some assembly required)

2 Year warranty from date of delivery: covers defects that arise at any time during the warranty period.

** Kits generally ship within 1-2 weeks after orders are received, depending on the stock of parts on hand. **

Additional information found on the project github page:

Operational Guide:

GPStar-Operational-Guide_V5-1.pdf (pdf)

Installation Manual:

GPStar_Haslab_Proton_Pack_Kit_Installation_Manual (pdf)

What's included:

Essential Kit

Cyclotron Bypass Kit

  • Cyclotron Bypass Board pre-soldered. (The 9 LED cyclotron kit connects to the screw terminals)
  • 850mm JST-XH Extension cable for the Cyclotron lights.

Speaker Wiring Kit

  • 2x 6.3mm Terminal speaker wires
  • 2x 2.8mm Terminal speaker wires
  • Aux cable
  • 12v DC cable

Differences between the available GPStar Spirit / DIY kits:


Spirit / DIY Basic Kit

Spirit / DIY Supreme Kit

Proton Pack board, amplifier and wiring



Neutrona Wand board and wiring



Cyclotron Bypass + Wiring






Cyclotron 9-LEDs



28-segment bargraph



Top and vent light



Wand barrel 49-LEDs



Neutrona Wand Hatlight Kit



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Proton Pack & Neutrona Wand Electronics Kit

A fully integrated electronics kit for your Proton Pack & Neutrona Wand.

Jammed packed with features and add-ons! Easy to install!

** Compatible with the Spirit or DIY Proton Pack shell's while using the Hasbro Spengler or 1984 Neutrona Wand.

    • Pack & Wand Replacement Boards
    • Rotary Encoder Volume Adjustment
    • 2 GPStar Audio sound boards /w pre-soldered 6-pin headers/JST-PH wire connector
    • GPStar Stereo Amplifier with built-in ground loop isolator
    • All the wiring connectors needed for the Boards
    • USB to JST power cable (to 5V on battery pack)
    • Programming USB cable (for future software updates)
    • 3D Printed Wand Board Housing
    • Complete Hose Setup (easy to assemble)
    • 3/4" Split loom tube
    • Cnlinko connector and socket panel for the Pack end
    • Neutrik connector and socket for the Wand end
    • All necessary wires
    • 3D Printed housing for the Neutrik socket.
    • Clockwise/Counter clockwise cyclotron direction toggle switch (you can still toggle this via the Wand sub menu system)
    • Toggle switch to enable or disable the smoke relays. These can also be toggled on/off via the Wand sub menu system.
    • Colour Printed A4 size Operational guide. 

Main Features

  • Designed to be updated with new features and future optional add-ons. (Programming cable included)
  • The Video Game firing modes, volume control.
  • 4 different modes!
  • Can turn on the Proton Pack via the Neutrona Wand Activate Switch.
  • 1984/1989 mode uses the middle LED only for an accurate look. (The 3 LED per lens option can be toggled via the Wand sub menu).
  • Clockwise/Counter clockwise cyclotron direction.
  • Start up and shut down ramping lights/sound sequence.
  • Continuous firing! You can fire your stream forever or have it overheat depending on the power level of the steam.
  • Wand tail firing sound when you stop firing (3 variations based on how long you have been firing)
  • The Neutrona Wand only fires when the barrel is extended and the 2 right side toggle switches are activated unlike the stock Wand.
  • Neutrona Wand bargraph has new animations.
  • Three - 5V pin relays (they trigger during overheat and occasionally while continuous firing).
Visit the github page for additional information

User Controlled Menu Settings

DEEP Neutrona Wand settings menu:

  • Accessed via the barrel’s orange hat light after toggling The Video Game modes or while the Neutrona Wand is powered down.
  • Music playback control, volume control for Pack/Wand, independent music volume control for Pack/Wand, independent sound effects volume control for Pack/Wand, loop music track, change track.
  • Neutrona Wand sub menu allowing you to toggle various main features.

Neutrona Wand sub menu features:

  • 1984/1989/Afterlife/Frozen Empire modes
  • Cyclotron rotation direction
  • Toggle 1984/1989 modes single LED to 3 LEDs per cyclotron lens
  • Vibration control
  • Vibration while firing only
  • Smoke settings
  • Crossing the streams /Video Game modes
  • Plus many more!
See More Menu Features

Polyphonic Sound

Utilising Polyphonic technology from GPStar Audio, this kit can play and mix up to 14 stereo tracks simultaneously and independently.

  • Your Proton Pack boots up and the idle sound effects overlay/transition smoothly.
  • You boot up the Neutrona Wand via the 3 toggle sequence accurate to the Afterlife and Frozen Empire films and notice each unique toggle effect that is played is layered on top of each other.
  • You Fire! While blasting away with the Proton stream you can still hear all the layers of sound effects that came before...the Proton Pack effects, each Neutrona Wand toggle effect, etc.
  • Oh and let's not forget music mode. Yes while your Proton Pack is rocking out tracks from your favourite scenes you can still operate it with all of it's accompanying sound effects independently and once again layered on top of the music
  • You may also notice during all this that the transitions between sound effects are smoothly layered with no janky transitions.

Smoke Effects

Compatible with a wide array of aftermarket smoke setups from various vendors, or build one yourself.

Learn More
  • Cyclotron LED Replacements + N-Filter Lights

    Replace the lights in the cyclotron with RGB enabled leds from Frutto Technology. This enables you to have The Video Game mode colours in your cyclotron lid or even your own custom colours which we call "Spectral Mode" which can be configured from the menu system.

    Cyclotron 9-LEDs kit 
  • Power Cell LED Replacements

    Compatible with Frutto Technology 15 LED RGB Power Cell. This powercell offers 2 more extra LED's to be screen accurate to the films, and it has the ability to change colours with our "Spectral Mode" and The Video Game modes.

    15-LEDs Powercell 
  • Speakers

    There are many options available and it's really up to you. We recommend the following pair of 3" 15w speakers as it is enough to Pack a punch.

  • 2 Micro SD Cards

    Two high quality Micro SD Cards are required. One for the Proton Pack and the other for the Neutrona Wand.

    More Info 
  • Battery

    • A regulated 5V is required to power the system with up to 2 amps is recommended.
    • The TalentCell Rechargeable 3000mAh 12V/5V battery Pack is recommended as it has input connections to output both 5v and 12v without modifications/added components needed. The 12V/5V TalentCell can be useful if you decide to use a 12V amp for your Proton Pack audio. However any other battery can work as long as it meets the power requirements indicated.
    More Info 

Demonstration Video and Walkthrough

Installation Notes

Please note that the installation videos and guides from our other kits are similar, while minor modifications to the process for your Proton Pack shell may vary depending on which shell you are using.

Installation Video Guide